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22 January 2011 @ 06:20 pm
Festivid Recs!  
I'm sorting through the master list, watching the fandoms I'm familiar with first. Honestly, all the vids are fabulous so far! I haven't seen a single one that I haven't enjoyed. These are just the ones that have really stood out to me:

The Rules of Parenting (Modern Family TV Show) - OMG this was amazing!!! I love it so much. The voice overs were perfectly done & really added to the video. Every clip was just perfect. I don't know how many different ways I can say perfect, but here goes: perfect, perfection, perfectly, perfected, perfectness, perfecter,... and finally English fails me. Let's just say I want this video waking me up every morning because then I'd start each day with a smile on my face. LOVE IT!

Friends (The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Movie) - Haha I love the wacky song paired with the wacky movie. I spent the whole vid with a big grin on my face & completely LOLed at the vomit part at 0:52 ish. LOVE this one so much!

Beat Control (Lilo and Stitch Movie) - Omg so much love for this vid! I love the whole feeling of it. It really does justice to the Ohana theme. I couldn't stop smiling the whole time I watched it :D

Truth Is In The Dirt (V TV Show) - LOVE it! Great vid. It did an amazing job of spanning the first season. I especially love the last segment "flames are burning behind her eyes". Perfect song choice!

Do You Want To (Eddie Izzard Comedian) - I love Eddie Izzard so much and this vid is a perfect tribute to him. Perfect song choice! And such a wonderful composite of all his expressions and antics on stage.

Samsa Morning (Lost in Austin TV Movie) - This was so great! I'm not even sure what to say but... THIS WAS PERFECTION! The perfect expression of the whole movie. The vid captured it beautifully!

Recalled to Life (The Secret Garden Movie) - I first watched it and got all misty eyed, and then later I came back to watch it again because it was just so beautiful. I love the exploration of the girl's wide eyed innocence and the blossoming of the relationships. It's all so sweetly done.

A Tall Tale (Big Fish Movie) – had me crying in the end. I love the haunting music mixed in with the voiceovers. The movie itself has such beautiful imagery and the video just completely captured all the magic and wonder of the story. And a sweet love story (loved the way the vidder flashed from their youth to them now).

You Can't Sit Down (Dirty Dancing Movie) - a very fun, upbeat dance vid. You can't help but smile when watching.

Fingers (Ever After Movie) - aw, it's so pretty. Lovely story telling!