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01 January 2011 @ 02:26 pm
2010 vidding meme  
My second vidding meme ^_^ Previous 2009 meme.

Vids made in 2010
Total = 9


Lions, Aliens & Lambs, Oh My! - Roswell/Twilight

With Love - Twilight
The Rising Sun - Heroes

Firebird - Roswell
My Eyes - Twilight


The Life I'd Chosen - Twilight



My Moon My Man - Twilight


Cause I'm Hot Like That - TVD

Nessie - Twilight


My favorite video this year (of my own): Lions, Aliens, & Lambs, Oh My! This is probably one of my fav vids in a very long time. It’s not exactly a premium sampling of my abilities or anything, but I’m so in love with the way the remix of the dialogue came together & the similarities between the source material, that it’s a vid I can watch over and over again. Roswell really had some great dialogue – MUCH better than Twilight and I liked being able to use their language to help enhance the emotion of the Twilight scenes. “What’s so great about normal?” “It was you” “Whether I die tomorrow or fifty years from now my destiny is the same – it’s you” I mean seriously! Roswell did the Romeo/Juliet scifi romance angle to perfection. One of these days I’m going to have to do a Twilight video set solely to Roswell dialogue. And it would probably be another vid watched almost solely by me, but I’d love to see it done. ^_^ This vid didn’t get as much feedback/viewership as I’d hoped, but I forgive that since I’m sure there aren’t that many who’ve seen/liked both of the source materials. And I basically made it because it was something I wanted to see, rather than something I thought viewers would enjoy, so I guess the low viewership doesn’t really bother me.

My least favorite video this year: My Moon My Man. It’s not that I’m completely dissatisfied with it, it’s just that since the subject isn’t something I enjoy, it’s not something I’m likely to be rewatching.

Most successful video: Nessie. I’m actually pretty surprised by this because it was the shortest vid I made this year – practically a vidlet at 1:10 mins. But I guess everyone else is just as excited as I am to see Nessie added to the Twilight cast ^_^

Video most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion: The Life I’d Chosen. I get so bored with watching (and making) lovey-dovey Edward/Bella vids. It’s been so overdone and it’s not the only (nor did I feel it was the best) aspect of the books/movies. The thing I loved most about the books was the relationship between Bella and the Cullens in general. The relationships between the characters were really beautiful and something I’ve found lacking in the movies – especially when it came to New Moon. Bella’s agony there wasn’t all about Edward – it had a lot to do with loosing an entire family and future that she’d planned for herself. That was an aspect of the films that I hadn’t seen vidded before and that I thought people would embrace… Turns out, not so much. I think I got a total of 3 comments on the vid.

Most fun video: Cause I'm Hot Like That. Usually, when I get a vid idea it just sort of sits in my head for awhile and by the time I get around to vidding it, I'm thinking about other projects. But with this vid, I got completely psyched about Caroline's new character arc and then got to vid it while I was still excited about the idea. And her character is just so much fun in Season 2, I couldn't help but smile at her antics while I vidded.

Video with single sexiest moment: Firebird. I kinda love it when a guy gets played by the girl. I’m evil like that. So I find it totally sexy when Sleazy-Guy gets his car stolen right out from under his nose by Beautiful-Manipulating-Girl.

Biggest vid fail: My Eyes. I really liked the concept of the video and trying to express 2 different viewpoints at the same time. However, I’m really not happy with how the effects turned out. I was trying to follow the crowd – it seems like everyone’s doing tons of effects in their vids these day (so much so that sometimes you can’t even tell what’s happening in the source material) and viewers seem to love it, so I thought I’d give it a try. The idea seemed good: violent and dark effects during Edward’s perspective, and then happy, blooming effects for Bella’s perspective. However, while making it, it just didn’t feel like me – didn’t feel like my vidding style which meant that the process didn’t happen organically and the effects seem forced. And in the end, the execution seemed wrong too – the effects distract from the vid rather than adding to it. Overall, it’s one of the vids I’d most like to redo someday.

Hardest video to make: My Moon My Man. This one was for a vid auction, which is always kind of stressful because you really want to please your audience since they actually PAID for the vid. But, this vid was especially hard because I'm REALLY not into the Edward/Bella/Edward love triangle thing. So it was really hard to follow my bidder's specs ^_^

Most unintentionally telling video: Hm…that’s a tough one. I suppose Lions, Aliens, and Lambs, Oh My! because it shows that my most treasured vids are the ones I make for my own enjoyment, rather than in an effort to gain recognition from a given fandom or viewers. Vids ought to be a labor of love rather than a chore to complete. If you’re not having fun while doing it and you don’t adore the end result, then what’s the freakin’ point?

The things I've learned this year:

1)      Don’t force it when it comes to effects! If it doesn’t come to you organically, then it’s probably not going to look right when all is said and done.

2)      Making vids that I will enjoy watching is more fun than making vids that the general vidding community will enjoy watching.

3)      Auctions vids are hard to complete and try your sanity.

For 2011:

1)      FINALLY finish a Vividcon vid in time to have it premiere!

2)      Just like last year: expand the fandoms I vid.

3)      Just like last year: make more vids!

Mizramizra on January 1st, 2011 10:17 pm (UTC)
1) FINALLY finish a Vividcon vid in time to have it premiere!

2) Just like last year: expand the fandoms I vid.

3) Just like last year: make more vids!

I like this list. Way to go, hon!
e_transitionse_transitions on January 1st, 2011 11:30 pm (UTC)
thanks ^_^