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01 December 2010 @ 09:58 pm
Advent Calendar - Day 1  

I'm hosting an advent calendar on my website (one goody/set of goodies a day until xmas). For those of my friends who don't celebrate xmas, no worries (I'm not christian either) - you can still share in the goodies the season provides ;) Just go to my advent site, click on the current (or past) date, and then a pop-up window will open with your treat for the day. So, make sure you have pop-ups allowed (at least from e-transitions.net) otherwise the treat won't be viewable for you.

Day 1 - Edward/Bella Winter Icons

P.s. Most of the advent posts here updating you on what the daily treat is will be F-locked. So make sure you're on my flist if you want all the goodies!