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30 June 2010 @ 11:13 pm
Eclipse Review: They're getting better  
Loved, loved, loved all the Jasper & Alice moments! They had plenty of 'significant glances,' which are a vidding shipper's dream! Plus their training fight was completely adorable (and I thought it was more intimate than their eventual kiss). I could go on and on about those 2, but I'm a bit biased. ^_^ The previews & last movies had me worried about Jasper's accent, but I liked how Jackson reigned it in for most of the movie & only brought out the thick accent during the training & flashbacks.

I was impressed that the Cullens got so much screen time in this one. Although, all their scenes felt really rushed while the E/B and J/B scenes drew out WAY too long. It'd be interesting to do a comparison of the amount of dialogue for the scenes compared to how long the scene lasted - because it felt like the Cullens had to speed-talk all their lines while Bella still paused every other word. At least she cut down on her blinking. < sarcasm > Good job Kstew - you grew.< /sarcasm >

I was surprised they included Rosalie in her wedding dress! I actually laughed out loud at that part. All the backstory stuff was great, but I think they should have made them longer - they were so brief that they seemed out of place in the movie.

I was a bit put off by the music though - not the score, the soundtrack music. Did they just feel obligated to do a soundtrack? Because the wonderful songs that they chose were barely present in the movie. Even more surprising for a director with a music video background. The soundtrack songs were like Easter eggs throughout the movie - you had to know them already so that when you heard the 10 second snippet they used, you'd recognize it. Kinda weird.

I was pleasantly surprised by Bryce's performance. Her acting was wonderful - no complaints there. However... she just didn't exude the fierce, feral nature that Rachelle did... On the one hand, I missed Rachelle's Victoria, but on the other hand, Bryce's Victoria seemed to fit the way Bella perceived her in this book. In Twilight & New Moon, Bella sees Victoria as feral and fierce, but in Eclipse, she hears her speak for the first time and notes how she sounds soft and ditzy. Bryce delivered that kind of Victoria. So maybe, she didn't play the same Victoria as Rachelle because she wasn't supposed to? Something to think about...

I was also pleasantly surprised by Emmett. He's not normally a character I ship or analyze, but he got some lines that really fit his character in this one. I also loved the look he gave one of the wolfs during the fighting (couldn't tell if it was Leah or Paul) - it was like a look of new-found respect & it did a great job of showing that the relationship between the pack & the Cullens was changing (nice set up for Breaking Dawn). Actually, without that glance, the film would have looked like they came together for the fight, but that they didn't really form any stronger bonds with each other (the Seth/Edward dynamic was totally lost). So, good job Kellan for tying it together!

Question: what happened with the flashes Bella was supposed to get of her possible life with Jacob? Deleted scenes? Because I swear I saw a pic of it...

1) "I felt hope" - Seriously!?! Alice/Jasper recount their meeting without this line? WTF! Edward/Bella lovers got the "so the lion fell in love with the lamb" line. It's only fair that Jasper/Alice lovers should have gotten their line as well. It would have been the least they could do since they didn't shoot the diner scene.
2) "Don't look" (when the Voltori kill Bree) - If you read the novella, this line took on a whole new meaning. It was disappointing that, given all the press for the book right before the movie came out, Bree barely said anything the whole movie and then her death was spent screaming rather than the brave ending she deserved. The novella gave her a honorable and courageous death. That one final act of compassion for her by Edward - his way of thanking her for what she had given him - was beautiful. Even if the line was never meant for Bree, it should have been included in the movie as a tie-in from the novella.
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