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01 June 2005 @ 10:33 pm
Vid: Ooh Child  

Music: I had originally planned on using only the American Beauty song, but I soon realized that I was trying to capture 3 different experiences- and they just didn’t all fit with that one song. So, the video ended up being kinda split into 3 parts by the three songs. The first part is the Theme from My Girl, used to express the wonderful, carefree beginning of Max and Liz’s relationship. The second part uses the Plastic Bag Theme from American Beauty to express the loneliness and heartache that comes after Liz finds out that she is pregnant. The final song is Ooh Child by Beth Orton- used to express the healing process.
Created: June 2005
Summary: This is my attempt at making a video where Liz becomes pregnant. I wanted to use audio clips from the show to help tell the story which is why the music is more subdued than I usually prefer. I apologize for the length; I tried to cut as much out as I could. It used to be 20 minutes ^_^ I’ve managed to squeeze it down to 10, and I hope it’s turned out ok. Hopefully the story tells itself, but basically Max and Liz meet, start dating, and have sex. Just after Max breaks up with Liz, she finds out she’s pregnant. She doesn’t tell Max right away, but, rather, confides in an old friend. While still trying to figure out what she is going to do, she decides she must tell Max about the baby. Unexpectedly, disaster strikes soon after and there are complications with the baby. Max and Liz are torn apart. After the loss of an unplanned child, can they find their way back to each other?
Program: WMM
Source Material: Roswell (Seasons 1-3)
© Twentieth Century Fox, Regency Entertainment, & Monarchy Enterprises B.V.
Awards Won: Most Unique (WAU), Best AU (CWA), Best Idea (CWA), Best Angst RU (RWA), Best Roswell (RWA), Most Creative (RWA), Best of the Best: Best Idea (CWA '06), Best Story Teller  (HRA '06), Most Unique RU (HRA '06), Best AU (PS)