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23 October 2009 @ 12:24 am
Fic: Through The Open Door, Ch. 7  
Summary: It was just a normal, stressful day. That is, until this Twilight fan walked through a door and ended up in the Twilight-verse. What would you do, if you ended up in Bella's life - if everyone in Forks thought you were Chief Swan's daughter - if nobody, not even the Cullens, knew the difference? How do you live someone else's life when you know what's going to happen?
Past Chapters: 1-3, 4, 5, 6, MASTER POST.

Chapter 7

“Is there a restroom?” I asked quickly, the urgency leaking through my voice.

“Around the corner,” Esme began, but I was already out of my chair and running in the direction she pointed. Even Alice’s lifeless stare wasn’t enough to make me pause. I turned the corner and grabbed the handle of the first door I saw, wrenching it open. Luck was with me and I made it to the bathroom sink just as my body started to heave. I stood, dry heaving and spitting out the bile that continued to come as I remembered the angry emotions I had felt earlier.

I wasn’t standing there long before I felt cool hands sooth my head, steadying me. My hair was gently pulled up and away. Looking up from the sink, I saw Esme reflected in the mirror as she stood behind me. She handed me a cold wet rag and I wiped my mouth, trying to will my stomach into calming. Please don’t let me puke in front of Esme, I thought.

I felt a soothing wave roll over my body and glanced towards the door. Jasper leaned against the doorway, looking ashamed. “I owe you an apology,” he said quietly. “I do not usually loose control like that. You had warned us that what you said would be upsetting – I should have been more prepared. I am sorry that I did not keep my emotions to myself.”

Still feeling a bit shaky, despite Jaspers efforts to sooth me, I offered a weak smile. I couldn’t help but be amused at how he had sounded like a small child, apologizing for not keeping his hands to himself. “That was a lot of emotion to try and keep bottled up. I understand not being able to hold onto it. Don’t worry about it – as soon as my bones stop quivering I’ll be good as new.”

Jasper and Esme chuckled lightly at that. Felling more in control of my stomach now, I turned away from the sink and we all headed back towards the dinning room. Rounding the corner, I could hear Carlisle murmuring to Alice, “-doesn’t change who you are or what you are to us. You have a family that loves you and cherishes you, as you are. Don’t forget that.” He stood with an arm wrapped around Alice’s shoulder, hugging her to him. They both looked up as we entered the room. Jasper walked over to Alice’s other side, taking her hand.

“I wanted to thank you,” Alice began. “I appreciate you telling me – us – about my past, I mean.” I gave a grim smile as I nodded in response. “Do you happen to know where I was from? The town or the state?”

“Oh,” I said in surprise, not realizing I had left that part out. “You’re from Mississippi. You’re southern, just like Jasper.”

She gave a small smile at my side note. Looking up at Carlisle, she murmured, “I’d like to go visit-“

“You can’t leave now!,” I interrupted. “Peter and Charlotte are coming soon and then–“ I hesitated briefly as I considered whether or not to tell them who else was coming for a visit. In for a penny in for a pound, I thought wryly. Besides, I was probably going to need their help when it came to the second set of visitors. “Then, James is coming.”

There was dead silence as the group processed this piece of info. Nervously, I continued. “His coven will be passing through… I think in a couple weeks or so.” The room remained completely still as I waited for someone to say something. After a few more beats that seemed to last an eternity, I tried to break the ice that froze the room again. “Actually,” I began, clearing my throat anxiously, “I might need some help when they get here. In the books, James catches Bella’s scent when he passes through and, being a tracker… Not to mention that I just ran Bella’s champion out of town…” I let out a tense laugh. “So, um, do you have a basement or some sort of bomb shelter that I can hide away in for awhile?,” I said, trying to lighten the mood.

Esme looked horror-stricken at my question. “Of course we won’t let some tracker hunt you! What a ridiculous notion. You can stay here with us until they’ve passed through – we’ll keep you safe,” she said matter-of-factly.

“Esme, I’m sure she has a home of her own and people who are expecting her,” Carlisle said. “Besides, she said this James won’t come through for a few weeks. We have time to think about the best way to deal with all this.”

“Oh yeah,” I responded, feeling a little bummed that I couldn’t stay here. “Bella’s dad would wonder where I ran off to if I just never came home again.” Then, I had a sudden moment of panic, “But I can’t go to her home! I can’t pretend to be Bella! Not to her dad – I mean, it’s her dad - he’ll think his daughter was body snatched or something.” And then came the horror as my last comment reverberated with me. “Holy crap! That’s what I am – I’m a body snatcher!,” the last part coming out as a squeak.

In stark contrast to my horror and panic, the vampires before me all seemed to be fighting smiles at my outburst.

“Relax,” Alice said, “You’ll be fine.”


“Fine,” Alice assured me.

“Really?,” I questioned, wondering if she was just trying to comfort me or if she had actually seen that I would be fine. I think some of the worry and pleading must have shown in my eyes because then she sighed and said, “Yes, I’ll come with you to see Charlie.”

I let out a relieved breath I hadn’t realized I was holding. “Thanks Alice! It’s not like I could drive myself home anyways,” I added as an afterthought. I glanced outside and was surprised to see it was dusk already. “Ok, should we go now or – oh wait! I still need to tell you what else happens – that is, unless you don’t wanna know?,”

I looked to Carlisle for a response but it was Alice who spoke. “They know enough for now. Take a tip from an expert: not all futures are meant to be told,” she said cryptically as she started herding me towards the front door. “Lets get out of here before Rosalie comes back.”

“Oh,” I replied and stopped dragging my feet. “Well, I guess we’ll talk later then,” I called to Carlise, Esme and Jasper as they remained standing by the dinning room table.

“It was nice to meet you dear,” Esme called back with a wave.

“You too,” I responded and then Alice had me out the door.

The drive to Charlie’s house took less time than I’d expected. Or maybe it was just because I hadn’t really been paying attention to where Alice was driving. I didn’t even think to ask her how she knew where Charlie’s house was, as we came to a stop beside his cruiser. Despite her protests that I was being a big baby, I dragged Alice through the front door of the house with me.

“Bella?,” I heard a deep voice call from somewhere in the back of the house.

“Yeah,” I responded with a croak. Clearing my throat I tried again. “Dad, I brought a friend over to – to help me study. We’ll be up in my room,” I yelled and turned towards the stairs.

“Now hang on a second,” he called as he walked into the room. “Don’t go running off so fast. Introduce me to your new friend.”

“Um, this is Alice. Alice Cullen. Alice, this is - my dad Charlie.”

“Hello,” Alice responded in her singsong voice, shaking the hand Charlie offered.

“It’s good to see you Alice,” Charlie responded

“Ok,” I said nervously, “we’re going to go study. Um, Alice is going to help me catch up on my new classes.” I didn’t wait for a response before I started dragging Alice up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, I reached for the first doorknob I saw, but stopped when I heard a soft “uh-uh” from Alice. Glancing back at her, I saw her nod towards the second door to the left. I moved to open that door instead and found a very messy, yet girly room behind the door. Alice shut the door behind us as I surveyed the tight quarters. “Well, now that we found the closet, where do you think her room is?,” I joked under my breath, staring at the piles of clutter strewn about.

Alice’s tinkling laugh filled the room. “I was just thinking the exact same thing. Don’t worry, I have enough closet for the both of us. How much room do you really need to sleep anyways.”

I gave her a wide grin at that and then moved to run a finger over the keyboard on the desk. “I wonder how old this thing is,” I murmured and then jumped as I heard a tap on the window right next to me.

It was Jasper, grinning wolfishly at us from behind the glass. “Jeez!,” I complained, rushing to open the window. It was stuck fast and Alice was soon beside me, opening it the rest of the way with ease. I stepped back to make room for Jasper as he eased himself onto the window sill. He settled there, seeming to have no intention of coming fully into the room.

Alice, hands on hips, eyed him with amusement. “And what exactly are you doing here,” she questioned him.

“I didn’t want you to have a sleepover without me,” he baited her with a grin. At her eye roll, he turned to address me, his eyes a strong golden color, having apparently fed on his way over. “Actually, I had some questions still. You rushed out so fast-“

“And what if she doesn’t want to answer your questions?,” Alice interrupted

“She doesn’t have to,” he responded, his golden eyes never leaving mine. “But, I’m still going to ask.”
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Mizramizra on November 10th, 2009 03:00 pm (UTC)
Oh, good ol' Jasper. Love him.
And you brought up a point about Alice I never noticed until now. Alice's real parents faked her death to diminish her being in an asylum, or at least that was the excuse for her illness, I bet. That REALLY is cold. I never paid attention to that before.
e_transitionse_transitions on November 11th, 2009 12:49 am (UTC)
Your right, REALLY cold. I can't even imagine that kind of betrayal. Very harsh... and heartless.