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15 October 2009 @ 11:44 pm
Notes on BAM Video Vault  
So, I've been loving BAM because it's a great way to embed your videos without having to deal with Youtube's B.S.. I thought BAM was sort of like the next generation's vid host. But then I saw the latest post on their main page:

While I COMPLETELY agree that the harassment they were getting from that greengrass person was totally uncalled for and wrong, it is ENTIRELY unprofessional to post something like this on the main page of, what I was under the impression was supposed to be, a communal vidder site.

And then, to make matters worse, they encouraged other vidders to go spam this person back! I don't think, as a community, we should be encouraging each other to spread hateful messages back and forth. This message seemed like a call for an angry mob to grab their metaphorical torches and pitchforks. If that's the kind of community I'm apart of when on BAM, then I'm not sure I want to be a member.

Again, it's not that I disagree with this vidder having been wronged, but couldn't he have posted this rant on his personal page rather than everyone's vidder main page? Can you imagine the owner of Facebook or Youtube posting something like this on their homepage? "X did something bad, everyone go get X" - it would never happen! Why? Because it's completely unprofessional and those sites are community sites, not personal sites. So, exactly what type of site is BAM supposed to be?

Am I the only one this bothered?

EDIT: Glad to see it got taken down

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