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04 June 2009 @ 09:58 am
I know this is just one of many New Moon fanmixes to be posted, but thought I’d throw mine into the mix regardless. There are 17 tracks + a booklet with a page for each track (includes scans from book). Samples are below:


1.         Honey and the Moon by Joseph Arthur

2.      Have You Got It In You? by Imogean Heap

3.       It Doesn't Matter - by Alison Krauss

4.       Last of Days by A Fine Frenzy

5.       Haunted by Poe

6.       Ooh Child by Beth Orton

7.       Never Alone by Balrowgirl

8.       She Cries Your Name by Beth Orton

9.       Headlock by Imoegan Heap

10.      Gloomy Sunday by Ivy

11.       The Walk by Imogean Heap

12.    24 by Jem

13.     They by Jem

14.     Touched by Vast

15.      I Shally Believe by Sheryl Crow

16.     Sleeping With Ghosts by Placebo

17.     Not Tonight by Matt Sharp and Maya Rudolph

Direct Download of .zip by Right Clicking and Saving


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