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10 February 2009 @ 09:31 pm
Another Roswell/Twilight comparison. If you read through the comments Roswell won by a landslide. I think I might tend to agree with the majority. Sure, I'm absolutely addicted to both and I love how Twilight has the potential to keep going... but Season 1 of Roswell was just pure gold. I think that if you look at the Twilight movie and compare it to the pilot of Roswell it puts into stark contrast all the ways the movie fell flat of how such a love story could have gone. In Roswell, you just feel the emotions so much better (prob had to do with better acting too though - sry Rob and Kristen). And if you look at the Twilight books, there is a smidge of the romanticism from Roswell, but Roswell just pulled it off so much more poetically. And I loved the dimension given to Liz. Even though I fell in love with all the Twilight characters (especially Jasper & Alice - in case ya hadn't noticed ;P), Bella came off to me as a pretty flat and un-complex character.
But, bottom line is that they both are good in their own ways. So, if you haven't seen Roswell but loved Twilight, then you should definitly check out the first season - there is a whole new brand of heroin waiting for you. And for those Roswell fans who are still refusing to read Twilight, you're missing out on a wonderful set of books.

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