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24 February 2013 @ 09:36 pm
VID: I Could Have Been You (TVD S1-3)  
icouldhavebeenu copy

Summary: Inspired by the last episode of Season 3, where we find out that, despite Elena's statement that things could have been different if her and Damon had met first, they actually DID meet first. So it's a Damon POV vid showing how he COULD have been in Stephan's position, and Stephan could have been the one watching from outside. The lyrics sort of say it all: "I could have been you. You could have been me. One small change, it shapes your destiny..."
Created: October 2012
Program: Sony Vegas
Music: I Could Have Been You by Melissa Etheridge
Source Material: TVD
Notes: A very, VERY overdue video post! I actually finished this vid before Season 4 even started - like, just days before it started. Initially I was holding off posting it to see if I wanted to update it with Season 4 clips. And then personal life took over and I barely had time to watch the show, let alone think about posting the vid. Glad to finally be putting it up.


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