e_transitions (e_transitions) wrote,

TSCC & Charmed: False Sense of Security

Music: F.S.O.S. by The Exies
Created: March 2012
Summary: This vid was created for blackgoldveins as part of the help_japan project. The original request was for a vid paralleling Chris (Charmed) and John (TSCC) in their relationships with their family, particularly Wyatt and Derek. It is meant to show how they shared the savior role. As [info]blackgoldveins said: "The fate of the world rests on Chris's shoulders but he's not sure of himself: he's uncertain he can do it, he's not sure he's making the right choices when he makes choices, he's wickedly smart like John and able to take a detour around a problem to solve it like John rather than relying on brute strength." The final vid ended up going a little broader and focusing on their overall relationship with their families.
Program: Sony Vegas
Notes: The dimensions of the vid look so weird to me (and probably to you too because everything today is widescreen) but I was forced to make an adjustment to the ratio because TSCC was in widescreen while Charmed was shot in full screen. Since the Charmed footage was already a lower quality, I chose to resize the TSCC clips instead of the Charmed ones.
Source Material: The Sarah Connor Chronicles & Charmed


Tags: vid type: general cast, vids: all my fanvids

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