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VID: I Could Have Been You (TVD S1-3)

icouldhavebeenu copy

Summary: Inspired by the last episode of Season 3, where we find out that, despite Elena's statement that things could have been different if her and Damon had met first, they actually DID meet first. So it's a Damon POV vid showing how he COULD have been in Stephan's position, and Stephan could have been the one watching from outside. The lyrics sort of say it all: "I could have been you. You could have been me. One small change, it shapes your destiny..."
Created: October 2012
Program: Sony Vegas
Music: I Could Have Been You by Melissa Etheridge
Source Material: TVD
Notes: A very, VERY overdue video post! I actually finished this vid before Season 4 even started - like, just days before it started. Initially I was holding off posting it to see if I wanted to update it with Season 4 clips. And then personal life took over and I barely had time to watch the show, let alone think about posting the vid. Glad to finally be putting it up.

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Festivids 2012!

FINALLY I'm back home from the long weekend and able to watch all the FESTIVIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE go live time! It's like Xmas all over again! Of course, the very first vids I had to watch were mine - made for one of my fav movies: To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar" (or To Wong Foo for short ;). I loved them both so much, but I guess if I was pressed to choose a favorite, I'd have to say Girls Night Out set to Take Your Mama by the Scissor Sisters is my favorite. It's just such a perfect, fun song choice! But I Will Not Be Afraid was completely awesome too. I love how it set a totally different tone to the movie - a more girlfriend/femme power tone! ^_^

There were also tons of great other vids this year. While I've only had a chance so far to watch the fandoms I'm already familiar with, here's my top 10 favs (not including my own that I mentioned above - those are in a class unto themselves :p):
  1. Amusements in Tights [Robin Hood Men in Tights]
  2. Circus of Heartbreakin' Divas [Charlies Angels Movies 2000 + 2003]
  3. Two Guys, A Girl, And A Fanvid [Two Guys, A Girl, And A Pizza Place]
  4. Umbrella [2 Broke Girls]
  5. Come and Find Me [Imagine Me and You]
  6. Revolution [A League of Their Own]
  7. Va Va Voom [A League of Their Own]
  8. Less Plot, More Stripping [Magic Mike]
  9. Brush Your Shoulders Off [Matilda]
  10. Tonight, Tonight [Hook]
vidding: 4 the love of it

Dear Festividder Letter

Hello my dearest Festividder (and possible treat vidder)!

  • Family Guy
    I’d love to see a vid full of random funness. Something fast-paced and loaded with shenanigans. I can see some Nicki Minaj songs working well for this – particularly “Out of My Mind” with B.o.B or “Starships”
  • Reno 911
    I’d love to see a vid full of random funness. Something fast-paced and loaded with shenanigans. I can see some Nicki Minaj songs working well for this – particularly “Out of My Mind” with B.o.B or “Starships”
  • The Good Guys
    I thought this show was awesome and wish it had lasted a little longer. Colin Hanks has some great comedic timing. And when you pair him with his mustached partner, I think there’s some pretty funny content. So I’d love to see a vid showcasing the awesomeness of this duo/show and the funny side of small cops who think they are taking on big problems. I’ve been wanting to vid this myself for quite some time but just never get to it. If you see the same kind of vid I’m picturing in my head, I think “Everybody wants you” by Unband would be a perfect song for this vid.
  • To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything. Julie Numar
    Love, love, LOVE this movie! I love all the attitude the main trio brings – there are some great vidding expressions and physical comedy in this movie. Because the movie is a bit dated now, I can see a vid to this material using some older songs. Bette Midler’s “Mambo Italiano” would be hilarious.
  • Switched At Birth
    I don’t really have a particular theme in mind for this. I just think this show deserves more awesome vids ^_^ I like the family dynamics and the way the show keeps things pretty positive most of the time – they always work out their problems in the end. I loved Bay and Emmett. I think a vid looking at Emmett’s view of the world and how hearing people can be real jerks sometimes could be interesting too. It was really moving when he got arrested and the whole process was extra terrifying because he couldn’t communicate or hear his rights. Whatever you want! Anything with this fandom would be awesome to watch ;)
  • Yes Dear
    This is another one I don’t really have a particular theme in mind for. I’ve just never seen a vid for this source before. And its one of my favorite sitcoms of all time! So I’d love a vid that focuses on some of the funny shenanigans that occurred in this show.

Also, just as a blanket statement, any video made to Eve’s “Tambourine” or Prozzak’s “Sucks to be You” would be well loved! I’ve been trying to vid to these songs for years and my projects always flop. I can’t find my way through them for some reason. So if you can, you would be my personal hero ;)

Anyways, I hope this letter provides some help. Just have fun with it and I’m sure I’ll love anything you make ^_^

HG: Katniss

Vid Rec: Hunger Games vid by lempickaa

I really love it when fanvids take a unique look at a subject matter. This Hunger Games vid does an AMAZING job of integrating various audio sources to help convey the complete brutality of The Games - alikening it to the Gladiators. It's beautifully done! Please take the time to watch and comment on this wonderful vid:

"If no one watches, they don't have a game" by lempickaa
vidding: 4 the love of it

My vid catalog for the New-to-you vidwatching challenge


I created a new catalog of all my fanvids for the New-to-you vidwatching challenge and thought I should also share it here. The links are all for my personal website that I maintain outside of Livejournal (it usually updated a lot less frequently than livejournal, but the content mirrors the content I post here).